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Check out our newest featured Article from Jersey Digs

The article discusses the benefits of engaging a reliable property management team, such as ARC Property Management when investing in property. It emphasizes that property management services are not just for large investors but also for smaller investors with one to four investment units. By working with a property management team, investors can alleviate stress and have their investment properties monitored and managed effectively.

ARC Property Management, led by Founder and CEO Cristo Hernandez, manages $500 million worth of real estate in Hudson and Bergen County. The company operates on a flat fee model and offers month-to-month options, providing transparency and flexibility to clients. They specialize in assisting absentee real estate investors, offering services tailored to their needs.

Clients of ARC Property Management receive monthly statement reporting, faster tenant placement with security deposit insurance, and access to trusted vendors for repairs at discounted prices. The team at ARC Property Management also handles legal aspects, such as evictions and non-payment of rent, on behalf of the property owners.

The article specifically highlights that if the investment property is located in Jersey City, Hoboken, or the greater Hudson County and Bergen County area, investors should consider working with ARC Property Management to free up their time and ensure their properties are well-managed.

For more information, you may visit the link -

Or contact them at 551-444-9010/ Info@arc-property management for your free quote today.

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