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About us

ARC Property Management’s main focus is to deliver excellent management services to all homeowners and investors in the Hudson County area. We have a very strong presence in Jersey City, New Jersey. The ARC team has worked in the real estate industry for over 10 years with strong experience and resources in the luxury market.  ARC will execute every detail needed to add value to your property needs.

ARC is an acronym for our company’s mission:


Assess the condition and state of the property to understand what is needed to increase the property’s value and create a plan for success.


Review the plan ensuring there are thorough procedures 

in place towards each property's specific needs that are to the owner’s liking and expectation.


Completion of all procedures to meet the rules and regulations of the state and owner satisfaction.


ARC property management takes care of all owner need & wants. We strive for a seamless operation. Our systems and procedures allow us to detect and monitor efficiency levels to add true value to your investment.


Hablamos Espanol, llama hoy.

Stay stress-free with A.R.C

Our Services

  • General Maintenance Coordination

  • Single/Multifamily Management 

  • Project Management

  • House Watch

  • Renovation Management

  • Property Inspections 

  • Turn Over Work

  • Violation Monitoring

  • Payment Services

  • Tenant Selection and Placement

  • Absentee Owners Programs

  • Investors 

  • Developers 3rd party managers

  • Out of State Owners

  • Rent reminders

  • 3rd party Leasing and Insurance overview 

  • Real Estate Consulting

  • Notary Services 

We would love to keep you informed on our latest blogs.
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